Behind Kahakka Brewery you’ll find a bunch of smart, brave and a little crazy beer enthusiasts with a big mission: to give you the best beer experience of your life.

One is a software developer, another is controller and the third one is a photographer. Then we have a farmer, a carpenter, a project engineer and a few friends involved in the mission just because it’s fun. Finally, we have the CEO and visionary, Nicke Kavilo, who has brewed beer at home each weekend in recent years to get acquainted with the art of beer brewing and learn all you need to know - and more.

Nicke’s beer journey began 4 years ago during a trip to the west coast of the United States when craft beer culture experienced a bloom period. Nicke, who has been doing beer brewing for a long time as a hobby, was completely sold. After that, he got acquainted with the art of beer brewing and studied professional beer brewing in Germany. Nicke believes in high-class beer, where the technology and innovation behind the product is world-class.

The gang behind Kahakka Brewery has its roots in the surroundings of Karleby and warmly welcomes the city’s local history. During the Crimean War, brave citizens in Karleby fought against the English in several skirmishes (fi. kahakka), and managed to defend their home. Today the fighting is different, but courage is still needed to start one's own business and sail out to unknown waters.

Kahakka Brewery starts beer production in 2018 in a modern brewery in Kokkola.

Join the adventure!

We want to revolutionise the brewing industry by giving every beer enthusiast the chance to create their own personalised beer.

— Nicke Kavilo, Head Brewer